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I've always loved art and computers. As a child, I started creating cards and other publications on our old IBM computer. As a college student, I typed my notes and drew detailed pictures to accompany them. Later, as a mom, I discovered that finding the perfect party invitations and supplies for my sons' birthdays was impossible - so I started making my own. I've also always been obsessively organized. A fellow classmate once joked that my life was in ABC and rainbow color order. He was right. In college, my back-up plan was to become a wedding planner, as I couldn't imagine anything better than helping someone organize and plan their biggest day! I like to have all information organized neatly in front of me. When I couldn't find planners that fit my needs, I started making those, too!

I started selling my products to friends and family in July 2009, shortly after my first son was born. I had quit my job to become a stay at home mom, but found that I needed a creative outlet to maintain my sanity. Designing was my true passion, so I started to pursue it. After the birth of my 3rd son, I finally took the plunge and opened my Etsy shop in 2014 - kreations by kristy. As my little business has grown, so has my family. After the birth of my 4th son (!!!), I rebranded. seeley LANE design is named for my 4 boys - Levi, Amos, Noah and Ethan. They are the inspiration behind the birthday printables I design!

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